5 tips to plan your finances for the new year


Before 2022 ends, we all have to learn one thing, which is how we can plan our finances. so if you are here to know more about this topic then you have visited the right website because today we are here to tell you about “5 tips to plan your finances for the new year”. People must read this topic because the 2022 year will be the best year for many of us, so start managing your money properly and increase your wealth.

There are many people who face many problems in managing their money or planning their finances. So for these people, we have provided 5 tips which will help you plan your finances. These tips are for both men and Women’s, all the given tips are mentioned below –

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1. Save money monthly  

Many people have trouble saving money but it’s not as difficult as you think. If you show a little bit of commitment then it’s possible. Why is saving money important? Because by saving money you can help yourself and it is the best tip for people in financial planning. Saving money will definitely help you in the future, suppose you want money for your treatment. But you don’t have enough money so in this case, your savings will help you. Also, if you want to buy a smartphone or bike then you can use your savings for purchasing it. Many people now think that how they can save money and how much money to save? So, we are here to give you the answer to this question. You can save 20% of your salary. deposit that money in your savings bank account. It may give you a little bit of interest with full security. Putting money in a piggy bank or in your locker is a bad idea because your money will not grow.

We can give you one of the best tips by which you can save your money by growing it. Invest your savings in Liquid funds because liquid funds are risk-free and some are low risk. Liquid funds are best as compared to saving bank accounts as it gives a better return.

2. Control your expenses wisely

As you all know, the Internet has become advanced day by day. Now we can pay and receive money by using our mobile. People can pay with their money in a single click to anyone from anywhere by using mobile banking and UPI (Unified Payment Interface). By UPI you can send money to any bank account without typing the receiver’s bank account information.

There are many benefits of Mobile Banking and UPI but there are also demerits, that you are wasting your money by paying it anywhere. You don’t control yourself to spend money by paying through mobile.

Now, how can you control your expenses? By creating a monthly budget and following it regularly. It can help you a lot in understanding where you have to spend your money and where not. This is the best tip, especially for youngsters. Because youngsters spend more money (while eating junk food every day in college or spending money somewhere else). So if you want to grow money then stop spending too much and follow all the tips and implement them.

3. Start Investing

The third and one of the best advice for you is to start investing now. Many people have fear of losing their money by investing. But there is always a little bit of risk in every type of investment and also it has so much profit if you invest in the right place.

There are many types of investment you can do; but before Investing you need to create a strategy so that you can invest money in the right place. Also, create your personal investment portfolio so that you can check and update all the money that you have invested in different places.

Start investing money when you are young so that you can earn a huge profit in the future. There are many ideas where you can invest money, some of are mentioned below:

• Share Market

• Mutual Funds

• Cryptocurrency

• Liquid Funds

• Gold

• IPOs and many more.

Above all the ideas are the best ones where you can invest money and track your investments.

4. Calculate how much debt you have

If your debt then it can be bad for you and can be stressful. But you can’t ignore how much debt you have because it is not good for both your health and your wealth. As you know that after one week, 2022 is going to start and this is the right time to calculate how much debt you have so that you can pay off some debt before 2022 starts so that you can start your new year in a happy mood without any stress.

A good strategy for paying all your debt is, start paying off the higher interest debt first. Don’t forget this tip, otherwise, you may face many problems in the future. So think twice and try to pay off your debt before 2021 ends and the new year starts.

5. Plan for retirement

Many people don’t think about their retirement. There are many companies that don’t pay retirement pensions to their retired employees. If you are a person of age 20-30 then start planning for your retirement so that in your old age you will get financial help by yourself.

You can save 5-10% of your salary so that it helps you when you retire from your job. Now the government also provides pensions to all the age groups but that amount is very less i.e., 5000-10000, it can’t help you much with your medical problems. Suppose if you have any of the diseases like Diabetes, hypertension and more then you can take the help of that money you saved years ago for your retirement.

Remember, if you save a little bit now then it will support you after your retirement.


So in this article, we have discussed some tips which can help you in planning your finances monthly. One main point is that, start saving 10-20% of your salary amount because it will help you only in your future. And another important point is that we have also described it above to calculate your debt and pay off higher-interest debt first. If you like this article then must send your feedback to us by writing a positive comment in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Is saving money good?

Yes of course! If you save money now then it will help you in the future and in emergencies.

Can I do my own financial planning?

Yes, if you are a type of person who is a disciplined planner, saver, spender, and investor then you can definitely handle all your financial planning alone.

Why have a financial plan?

Financial planning is very important as it helps you to control your income, investment, and all expenses.

What percentage of our salary should we save?

It depends upon your salary, for example, if you got Rs 30,000 as your monthly salary then you can save 12-20% from salary.

Thanks for reading our article.


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