Paytm Personal Loan: Get up to 20000 interest free loan


Paytm Personal Loan: If you use Paytm, then this article is very important for you. Paytm is providing Instant Personal loans to its users. Yes, if you are a Paytm user, you can get a loan of up to Rs 2 lakh through Paytm. You will not need any kind of guarantee to take this loan, you can take a loan with very few documents and an easy process. Paytm is providing its customers with easy loan terms up to Rs.2 lakh. In this article we will give you Paytm Loan, We are sharing detailed information about what documents will be required to take a loan, and what is the process of taking loan, etc., so to get complete information, you are requested to read the article till the end.

The entire process of taking loan from Paytm is completely online. Users need not go anywhere to avail loan as the company has digitized the loan application process. You can apply for Paytm Personal Loan sitting at home through mobile phone and internet. The process of applying for the loan is very easy, the information of which you will get in this article. The main objective of providing Paytm Instant Personal Loan is to make Self Employed, Young Professionals self-reliant and empowered. After Paytm approves and approves your instant personal loan application, the loan amount gets credited to your Paytm-linked bank account.

What is Paytm?

Paytm is a mobile app. You will find this app on Google Play Store, you can download Paytm from Google Play Store. Through this app, you can pay electricity/water bills online. You can transfer online payments to your friends, relatives. Paytm is one of the famous payment applications used in India. More than 450 million people use this app in India.

How much will you get Paytm Personal Loan?

Friends, if you are taking loan from any company or bank, then you must know how much loan you will get from there. Friends, if I talk about Paytm here, then you can easily take a personal loan of Rs 2 lakh from here.

What is Paytm Cash Loan?

Paytm and ICICI bank have entered into an agreement with mutual agreement. That now he will provide an instant loan of up to ₹ 20000 to his users, although only those customers will get the benefit of this offer. Who are customers of both Paytm and ICICI Bank. If you are Paytm user. But your account is not in ICICI bank. So you cannot take advantage of this offer.

Established Paytm Payment Bank in addition to Paytm Wallet while expanding its business. Paytm Payments Bank has recently arranged an agreement with ICICI bank to give personal loan up to ₹ 20000 to the users. Paytm will provide loan of up to ₹ 20000 to its users. Paytm users can now pay electricity – water bill, grocery, electronic, etc. for any type of purchase from Paytm. The digital credit card account named Paytm ICICI Bank Postpaid is activated instantly by Paytm. When you need money At the same time the money is transferred to your account. Provided in the form of digital credit to the users.

Paytm Cash Loan will be available at 0% interest rate

Users will not be charged any kind of interest for the Paytm Cash Loan being given by Paytm to its users. To get interest free loan up to ₹ 20000 from Paytm, users will have to return it within 45 days. But if the beneficiary does not pay the loan within 45 days. So after that ₹ 50 late fee as well as 3% interest will be charged from the beneficiary. So if a Gurjar wants to get a loan of up to ₹ 20000 at a zero percent interest rate. So he can pay the loan within 45 days and get the loan at a zero percent interest rate.

For how long will I get a loan from Paytm?

Friends, if you take a loan from anywhere or borrow money from anyone, then you must have kept in mind that in how many days these pesos have to be returned and today it must be coming in your mind that for how many days you have to pay from Paytm. If you get a loan, then friends, let me tell you all, from here you get a full time of 4 months to 36 months, which is enough according to me to repay this loan.

Features of Paytm Loan?

  • You get loan of higher amount from Paytm.
  • Paytm charges you the least interest.
  • You get loan for more days from Paytm.
  • You have to pay less processing fee than Paytm.
  • There is no fee charged before giving loan from Paytm.

Why Paytm Gives Loan?

  • Paytm does not take any kind of credit history from you people.
  • Paytm is absolutely 100% online, you do not need to go to office anywhere.
  • Paytm sends the loan to your bank account instantly.
  • Paytm gives loans to everyone all over India.
  • Paytm provides loans to everyone at the least interest.
  • Paytm takes very few documents from you while giving loan.
  • Paytm gives you a loan for a longer period of time.
  • Paytm helps you to increase your credit score.

Where can you use Paytm Loan?

  • You can use this loan for your education.
  • You can use it for travel and holidays.
  • You can use this loan for treatment.
  • You can use this loan for simple.
  • You can use this loan to build a house.
  • You can use this loan to buy a car, bike.
  • You can use this loan to buy a new phone.
  • You can pay any bill using this loan.
  • You can recharge the phone using this loan.
  • Who can take loan from Paytm?
  • You must be a citizen of India
  • You must be at least 19 years old and not more than 46 years old
  • You should have a source of income to repay the loan
  • What are the documents required to take loan from Paytm?
  • you must have your pan card
  • you must have your aadhar card
  • You must have a current bank account

Process to Paytm Personal Loan?

  • First of all you have to download Paytm App from Play Store.
  • After that you have to register by entering your mobile number. After this you have to choose the amount of loan you want
  • After this you have to enter some of your personal information in it.
  • After that, you will have to submit your documents like; PAN card and Aadhar card have to be inserted
  • After this, you have to enter the information of that bank account, in which you have to take a loan.
  • Now your loan application will go under review, After that you will get a call
  • After this your loan will be approved. Now you will get the loan money in your bank account.


Friends, in today’s post, how will you get Paytm Personal Loan, what documents will be required to take Paytm Personal Loan, after taking Paytm Personal Loan, how many days will be available to repay it, Paytm Personal How much loan will you get up to Rs. Yes and friends, if you like the information given by us, then definitely share it with your friends. Heartfelt thanks for giving some of your precious time.


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