HDFC Gold Loan 2022: Accurate way to Get a gold loan


HDFC Gold Loan is a secured loan where you can borrow money by pledging your gold ornaments or coins with the bank. HDFC Gold Loan interest rates are 9.50% per annum and loan amount starts from Rs 25,000. HDFC Bank accepts gold jewelry up to 500 grams and the purity of the gold should be between 18K to 22K. The gold loan taken by the bank offers a repayment tenure of 2 years and charges a processing fee of 1.5% of the loan amount. If you have gold ornaments or coins, you can avail up to 80% of the market value of your gold under the HDFC Gold Loan scheme at an interest rate of 9.50% to meet your emergency financial needs.

HDFC Gold Loan scheme

In HDFC Gold Loan, you pledge your gold to the bank as the bank provides you the loan amount according to the quantity and quality of your gold. The pledged gold will be kept in the bank’s locker, and the bank will be responsible for the safety of your gold. Finally, the moment you repay your loan amount with interest, you will get your gold back. Friends, if you also want to take gold loan from HDFC bank, then today we will provide you all the information about this loan. How can you take HDFC Gold Loan? What is the interest rate of this? To take a loan, which document is needed from which, we will tell the answer to all these questions in this post, then read this post till the end.

HDFC Gold Loan Details

You can meet your urgent need of cash by pledging your gold ornaments or gold coins with HDFC Bank. Gold Loan is the fastest and easiest way to borrow money. Even if you are not an existing customer of HDFC Bank, you can still take advantage of this. Some important information related to HDFC Gold Loan is given below:

Interest rate starting from9.50% p.a.
Loan amountup to 80% of the market value of gold (minimum Rs. 25,000)
Loan tenure from3 months to 24 months
Gold Loan SchemeTerm Loan, OD & Bullet Repayment
Collateral LoanAgainst Your Gold
Customer Type Individualsabove 18 years of age

HDFC Bank Gold Loan Tenure Rate

Told friends that you can take loan up to 25 lakhs, if you get HDFC Bank Village Gold Loan, then for your information, if you get a loan from here, you will get at least 3 months from here and You will get a maximum time of up to 3 years to pay back the loan outstanding amount, which is good now only if you get it. So now you have come to know that up to what amount you can get HDFC Bank Gold Loan and for how much time you will get it, now let us inform you that what documents you will need to take loan from HDFC Bank.

HDFC Bank Gold Loan Loan Amount

Friends, if you take a loan by pledging your gold here in HDFC Bank, then let me tell you that if you take a loan from the bank, you can get a loan of at least 25000 to 25 lakhs, you can get a gold loan up to 25 lakhs. is go. That is, you can get a gold loan ranging from 25 lakhs to 25 lakhs, you can get a loan of up to 25 lakhs by pledging your gold. So now you have come to know that with the help of HDFC Bank, how much amount can you take a Gold Loan, now we tell you that if you take a Gold Loan from HDFC Bank, then you have to return the amount of Gold Loan. You will be given the time in the horses.

Interest rate on HDFC Bank Gold Loan

Friends, for your information, let us tell you that you are going to study from 12.50%-17.50% interest in between. That is, if you take HDFC Bank se Gold Loan, then you will get a loan at an interest rate of at least 12.50%. And from where will the maximum interest of 17.50% be charged. so friends, now you have come to know that what is the rate of interest you will get for taking loan from HDFC Bank. Let us talk about which eligibility you have to fulfill to take a loan from HDFC Bank.

Eligibility for HDFC Bank Gold Loan

For your information, let me tell you that to take a Gold Loan from HDFC Bank, you have to fulfill Eligibility, the eligibility will be that whoever wants to take the loan of the person, his age should be from 18 years to 75 years.

HDFC Bank Gold Loan Documents

You remember you know and you will get 36 months then you have to show for this loan.

In which there will be an application form which will be given by this company HDFC Bank, which you have to fill and then some of your KYC documents will be taken. So you will need to tell me from here if you want to take back a bank gold loan. Now you have come to know that how much amount you can take loan with the help of HDFC Bank, for how long you can take the loan, what documents you will need if you are taken HDFC Bank Gold Loan. So let us tell you that if you take HDFC Bank Gold Loan, then what percentage of knowledge you will get to see Gold Loan.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of gold loan keep changing according to the time, if you have gold worth one lakh rupees, then loan from 70000 to 75000 thousand rupees will be easily available on it. The interest rate may be different in each bank, it keeps on changing according to the instructions of the government.

How to take HDFC Bank Se Gold Loan?

  • To apply for this, you have to write on Google “HDFC Bank Gold Loan”.
  • After that the website which will come on the top, that website will take you directly to take HDFC Bank loan.
  • Then on that you will see an APPLY NOW button, which you have to click.
  • Then you have to fill the given information.
  • After this you will get to know about your eligibility.
  • And if you are eligible then you will have to upload your documents accordingly.
  • And after all this, you will be given this loan after a little investigation.

HDFC Gold Loan Customer Care

Friends, if you have any questions regarding HDFC Gold Loan, then you can contact these numbers given below.

  • HDFC Gold Loan Toll Free Number : 1860 267 6161


So friends, go to the court today that how you can take a Gold Loan with the help of HDFC Bank, how much you can get, what documents will you need, or if you want to take a bank gold loan, what percentage of interest will you charge.


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